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It’s essential to be in touch with our own emotional state and to understand the messages our emotions are sending us.


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We offer a space where life's difficulties and traumas can be addressed with care.

With therapeutic tools tailored to your needs, you can find balance and, perhaps, an even better state of well-being than before.

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A journey of self-discovery, regaining confidence in yourself, truly seeing yourself, developing, and reaching your true potential.

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Therapists use various tools and techniques to help you identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviors.

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I met her in the darkest moments of my life and ever since she helped me re-discover the light inside myself. I had an instant connection with her and from the very first moment I felt heard, seen and understood


Claudia is a true professional, everything she does revolves around her clients and their needs. She's dedicated, trustworthy and can get you through any tough period while empowering you and enabling you with all the cognitive and emotional resources to face any challenge heads on. With amazing insight and a passion for her work, I can 100% recommend Claudia and her services to anyone looking to either learn more about themselves or navigate through the complexities and challenges life can present.


She listened attentively, offering genuine care and support that helped to bring clarity to my struggles. I am profoundly grateful for her unwavering support during my time of need. With her guidance, I found the courage to confront my challenges and embark on a journey of healing and renewal.


That kind of superglue that you need, when you`re all broken apart in pisces. Thank you, Claudia!


Claudia helped me re-discover myself and reinvent my life in a moment where I was vulnerable and needed support to cope with the stress around me. She has been a lifeline, helping me navigate diffcult situations, in my personal and work life. What I like most about working with Claudia is that she is genuine and relatable. She digs deep, without being intrusive or judgemental. She challenges me to confront my fears, but she does it in a way that feels comfortable. Claudia has given me the tools to restart my life, to become more self-confident and to live a fuller, happier life.

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